Clean and White Fanfic

Welcome to the Clean and White universe; the location of a Bleach / Rurouni Kenshin crossover series of fanfic by Vathara. All stories are by Vathara unless indicated otherwise.

Please note that these stories are merely entertainment,
and may be contradicted by events in the actual series.

Timeline: Here is the timeline of the stories, set against the timeline of both series.


Clean and White
    The originating story of this universe.
    The ancient sword-style of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu deals in death for a reason.... Prequel to Mending Songs.

Mending Songs
    In 1895, a shinigami relearns the world of the living.

Jungyaku by tag
    Juushirou and Shunsui hold a quiet conversation about the state of Seireitei and "ghost" shinigami in the aftermath of the Vizard incident. AN: Jungyaku - "loyalty and treason", a union of opposites.

Swords in Back Alleys by tag
    Kenshin regularly meets with Isshin in Rukongai to hunt Hollows and chat... but this time, they're being followed.

    AU from volume 21. Because Ichigo's not the only one who should get to Take a Third Option....

Take Two
    When investigating a weird shinigami... ask a weird shinigami. Ishida tracks down a perverted shopkeeper for answers. Follows "Stained", part of Clean and White AU.

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